Fees & Registration 2011

Activity Price......
Register: Administration fee, right to participate in courses/competitions, advice on accomodation and transfer. Included in registration: Storeroom, shower, yoga every morning, and magic 3 and team static and Suunto guess your depth, top snorkler and relay speed comp, and  uw-photo comp and film night and freediving quiz, and food at party e t c.
Late register/pay ( or if paying on site)
UFC - Noseclip only competition.
Bizzy Comp 1 - CNF/CWT/FIM - chose disciplin AIDA
Bizzy Comp 2 - CNF/CWT/FIM - chose disciplin AIDA
Bizzy Comp 3 - CNF/CWT/FIM - chose disciplin AIDA
Bizzy Comp 3b - CNF/CWT/FIM - chose disciplin AIDA (maybe on same day as Comp 3)
Total before reductions

Package all (yellow): 145 euro
If you do not want Aida ranking - deduct 20 euro
Second time at BBH: -10%  = 130 euro
Students or under 20 years: - 10% (bring proof of study and age) = 130 euro
Second time and student = -20% =
115 euro
Only 3 Aida comps = 110 euro
If you cant afford: discuss dirt cheap accomodation with us and working days for the organization

Activity Price......
Sleddive/VWT with judges - max 90
Through the ARCH wiith safety lines / VWT and scuba/freedive safety NEW PRICE
A film of your dive - 3 cameras

How to register: send email to info @ freediving.biz (mind the gaps) with the following info:
1. Name
2. Nationality
3. Passport number (for Egyptian authorities).
4. Which of the UFC and/or Aida comps you want to participate in.
5. Which clinics/excursions (safety, speciality, yoga, aida 2-3 star, Ras Abu, Ras Mohammad).
6. E-mail
7. Mobile number with landscode in front
8. Arrival date/departure date
9. Planned hotel.
10. Transfer needed from Sharm on which date, time and flight number.
11. Length of rope you want to rent with buoy on what dates.
12. If you need 1 kilo weights to rent.
13. Amount transfered to F.BIZ (se methods below)
14. Read this

Bizzy Blue Hole are all about the fun comps - we assume you will participate in these.
For those only interested in Aida competitions there are other more suitable competitions.

Activity Price......
Aida one star (+10 euro for certification) 1 day intro, 8 meters
Aida two star (+20 euro for certification) 3 day beginner, 16 meters
Aida three star (+20 euro for certification) 3,5 day advanced, 24 meters
Aida four star (+20 euro for certification) Talk to DahabFreedive
F.BIZ Special clinic - one day.
Safety diver Aida certification - theory and water exam. Read more here
Training/coaching by top level freediver (recordholders)
- only students with ambitious goals, depth 40+
Other Prices
Transfer taxi from Sharm-el-Sheik (one taxi - four places)
20 euro
Transfer Blue Hole (one taxi - 4-6 places)
12 euro/car
Training with bouy and coach/safety 30 Euro (two divesessions). 30 euro
Rent a bouy and a rope 50 meter and weights (4kg) - a day FDD
Stylestudy underwater video (order in advance)
Guide snorklingspots (transfer incl) ask Desert Divers ask
Health Certificate on location 50 LE
Other Prices
Ras Abu Gallum camel freedive safari - one night stay + your own personal camel 30 euro
Ras Mohammed spectacular diving from boat - one full day. maybe
Weights for your belt FDD
Wetsuits, shortys, mask, snorkle, weights FDD
Scuba dive at Bells or Canyoun including Divemaster Fantaseatec ask
Try dive or junior dive ask Desert Divers ask
Desert safari (light bouldering) (Scenic!) ask Desert Divers ask
Mount Sinai sunrise/sunset transfer + guide King Safari
Desert Safari (sand dunes, hiking canyons, camel, beduoin lunch in wadi arada) ask Desert Divers ask

Deluxe: Nesima with pool. Children under -6: free, children under -10: 50%.
Medium: Coach house behind DD with kitchen (good for kids) OR
Mirage incl breakfast o
Cheap:  Fighting Kangaro, Mera Mar or  BishBishi for double (discuss with us)

Discuss cheaper more spartanic alternatives with F.Biz

All activities (comp, fun comps or course) needs a basic registration fee
(this is also the booking fee to guarantee place in competition)).

Instructions to pay to bank.
BIC-code: NDEASESS IBAN-code: SE30 9500 0099 6018 1264 59 41
Receiver : Fridykning.se Bank : Nordea Plusgirot
Adress reciever : c/o Speckk, Stigbergsliden 5 SE-414 63 GBG

Temporarily closed

Instructions to pay from Sweden/Scandinavia: Plusgirot: 1264594-1 (fridykning.se)