Bizzy Blue Hole 2010 canceled
Due to the Volcano eruption on Iceland, F.BIZ has not been able to fly the crew down to Dahab. We will not be able to deliver according to the schedule.
The cloud of ashes have been blocking flights from Europe and mostly northern Europe.

We need the full team on site to do this event.

With the uncertainty regarding flights we can not (21/4) guarantee to have enough team on site. Even if they start flying 23rd or after - this is too uncertain.

F.BIZ will pay FDD for three Aida competitions.

During the period 24-28 April

Exact dates to be decided by FDD and athletes on site.

I would suggest 26,27,28. Since this will allow more athletes to arrive.

The athletes that paid for BBH will not have to pay anything for these three competitions.

There will be refunds paid.

This will be discussed individually with participants.

The organization has had some expenses that are lost.

Some money has been invested in equipment, that can be used in future competitions.

But we plan to make this up in some way or the other to all participants, if not with full money return - so with free participation in future events.

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