Courses 2010

April Activity
F.BIZ Team powered by Great Sports food bars


Coaching by top level freedivers:
Sara Campbell - yoga and mouthfill techniques
Christian Ernest - CNF diving (9th in CNF WC 2009).
Lotta and Linda retired but active legends.
Sebastian Naslund - dry training - speciality clinic.
Yoga in the mornings. By different instructors. Free
Aida one star, 1 day intro, 8 meters
Aida two star, 2 day beginner, 16 meters
Aida three star, 3 day advanced, 24 meters

Safetydiver workshop and Aida certification
(obligatory for for s-divers at the comp).
Read more here (pdf).
  Sara Campbell Kundalini yoga half day

Special clinic - 1 day - by Sebastian/