World Championship Ibiza 2001
text by Sebastian Näslund (webmaster)
Photos: Sebastian, Hanli
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Constant weight was held from the motorcatamaran Sirenis. Two lines lowered from the back. The boat could be moved according to depth and weather.

Five judges. Four AIDA judges and a spanish doctor. One of them always in the water - not the doctor though.

Sebastian Nagel, president of AIDA and head judge.


Of approximately 135 performances in constant - about 13 was Disqualified. Of these I only saw 3 or 4 blackouts.

(I was handling one of the official UW-cameras)

Japaneese diver on first day. Like many competitors she held on to the tag firing of the OK sign in all directions as the judges screams louder and louder: "The tag".

One judge said that if we would follow the AIDA rule that the tag should be delivered before anyone touches the Athlete - maybe a third of them would have to be disqualified.

Ideas for future competitions is to "fence of" a few squaremeters around the rope.

Other ideas that are discussed (rumour says) is that a performance could be penalized with a few points if the athlete shows for instance a sligt loss of motor control. Or in a minor way arrays from the rules - like beeing touch by the coach before delivering the tag, I guess.

Did I samba?

Are you sure?

Right here.

A real samba?


One athlete from Cayman blackout out. He choose a depth of about 30. Problem is on his way down he "forgot" to follow the line and found himself 15 meters from the bottom plate - horizontaly. He swam against slight current at took the tag and headed for the surface. From about five meters of depth all went blank.

The cayman team are all spearfishers not used to diving with wetsuits and along lines.

Maybe I looked up once too many, he offered for an explanation. Tanya spoke to him the day before about looking up, saying that when bending your head backwards parts of your bloodstream supplying the brain is shut off.

This is Tanya Streeter. In her early days she had three blackouts in one day (rumour has it). Today she is one of the worlds deepest women (in one sence). In Ibiza she dove deeper than she ever has with a mask - 60 meters.

Using liquidgoggles she has been down to 70 meters.

Ibiza results individual
Ibiza results team

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