World Championship Ibiza 2001
text by Sebastian Näslund (webmaster)
Photos: Sebastian, Hanli and unknown
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Japanese diver a quick one. A committed nation with a lot of potential.


Japan had to select their team mainly on performances in Static since a Taifon stopped the constant trials.

No Pradon was not disqualified.


Karoline Dal Toe (Brazil)
World record holder in static.


One of the few athletes who waves to the camera while ascending in constant.

The future.
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Andy le Sauce, claims not to be as fit as when he was 53. Holder of 16 present and former world records. Has swam under water for 24 hours in a row. Breathing once every 25 meters.

Lives in Reunion, Indian ocean.

The only russian diver that could make it to the competition. Julia Patrick (35 meters and around 5 minutes static) is planing to be a full time freediver.



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