World Cahampionship Ibiza 2001

©Photos from videosequence by Sebastian, Stefano and Carlos.


Videographers were positioned at surface, just below surface , at 20 and at day four at 85 meters.


More photos from above the surface.

Unknown diver chosing extra safety.

Could this be Pradon to the left.








Below: trimix diver descending to 86 meters where he will stay four minutes. This day all scuba diving safetydivers used 107 bottles, enough to keep one man breathing on the surface for 400 days.

Nitsch grabbing the tag at 86 meters

Umberto at 70 meters. Right after his turn.

Probably some french or Italian diving very deep. Or is this Frolla at 73 meters? Probably.


Monaco had only two competitors in Ibiza.