UFC freediving
Unassisted Freedive Competition
survival rules & noseclip only UFC RANKING

Freediving in its purest form - skin diving as deep as you can. No fins - only breaststroke. No mask - only noseclip. No suit - only swimmingtrunks. Since this discipline and its´ rules are unique it will be seen as a new category and world and national records will be awarded (see current records).
UFC - 3 basic rules

The rules have been developed in discussions with Sebastien Murat, Will Trubridge, William Winram and Herbert Nitsch. Any questions not solved by the 3 rules can be solved by common sense - the "ambitions" of this discipline are quite clear.

1 Noseclip only (and swimsuit, lanyard, depth meter)
2 No rope grabbing under water - ever.
No penalties for turning early. No grabbing of rope at turn. 
No tags has to be delivered. No above surface grab/pull penalties at start or surfacing.
3 Stay conscious with airways above surface.
No surface protocol has to be delivered - only hold on to the rope and breath for 30 seconds. After surfacing you will be disqualified if  your mouth goes under for more than two seconds (or twice under water).
Most of these rules are invented to make it more of a challenge than the normal freediving disciplines, aswell as making it  interesting to watch. We want to see: skin, muscles moving, hair flowing, faces and expressions.
Basicly the only way to get a red card is to blackout or drop airways because of heavy LMC in the neck/head. These are also so called survival rules.

The rules are the property of F.BIZ and the people that develop them.

A new discipline
Since this is far from the regulations of the FREE, CMAS and AIDA e t c - the "noseclip only comp" will be seen as a new discipline and world and national records will be awarded if they are substansial enough: Reched depths must be 66% of current Aida CNF records and contain no ropeviolations.World records would have to be >60men/40 women.