Unassisted Freedive Competition
Safety standard

Freediving in its purest form - skin diving as deep as you can. No fins - only breaststroke. No mask - only noseclip. No suit - only swimmingtrunks. The ancient discipline reborn.

For anyone with experience of advanced freediving and competition it is obvious that UFC poses some new risks in the fact that the rope can be put to any depth and the athletes turn when they want. The athletes sight is reduced due to no mask and this diminishes the athletes control. The fact that no surface protocol has to be delivered gives the athletes an opportunity to venture closer to LMC. The organization is aware of this and will take precautions to guarantee the athletes safety.

- Athletes must be 18 years old or older.
- A medical certificate that says "fit for diving" must be presented (no older than 2 years old).
- A medical statement and liability release has to be signed by the athletes.
- A safety lanyard of maximum 1.3 meters attached to ankle, wrist or at a (non elastic) belt at your waist. The lanyards carabiner will be attached to the diveline.
- Thorough hard "pullcheck" on every lanyard 3 minutes before start, ready to replace with new.
- If scuba safety is used there has to be a wrist/ankle band with a big ring suitable for attachement of "hook" (airfilled balloon
- Safety freediver with 40 meter pick up ability, met at 20 by other safety freediver. Third one ready to act as safety for the safety freedivers, meeting at 20 meters.
- CBS - Counterballast system, tested before the start of the competition. The CBS should also be able to be "hand pulled" at a speed of more than 1 meter per second.
- Evacuation must be planned.
- Communication with medic and nearest hospital must be available.
- For depths below 30 meters, free flow oxygen must be available.
- For depths below 80 meters, on demand oxygen must be available.
- A designated medic must be present.

UFC expanded safety ambitions:
- Comp held at restricted depth (bottom below plate).
- Experienced scuba diver (trimix)  ready for quick drop down to 50, attach and release balloon. (Safety Scuba to meet this scuba at 40 and ascending/deco together).
- Start pulling line and bottom weight after 60% of expected dive time.
- Depth sounder/fish finder surveillance.

Special concerns/suggestions regarding UFC comps:
1) No fins swimming uses more oxygen, the stress of having no mask and the turn without pull will make you use more oxygen. Do not compare UFC to CNF – different disciplines.
2) Unless experienced in no fins swimming and no mask, noseclip equalization: we suggest you do not announce anything more than recent PB in this discipline (not PB in CNF).
3) Equalizing with noseclip is usually hard for beginners – be ready to abort dive if failing to equalize. Broken eardrum and vertigo is more serious without a mask and with impaired sight.
4) Do not overweight yourselves, you must be able to turn without a pull.
5) If not specialized in breast stroking, the movement and tension it creates makes you more prone to squeeze.

 UFC is a new discipline, start all over again.