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Hanli started freediving in 1999 while living in Sweden, she returned  to South Africa in 2004 and now lives in Cape Town.

She is a freelance filmmaker and has also worked extensively as a  project manager within film and theatre. She has taken part in many  TV projects concerning freediving.

She is the Aida vice-president for Africa with the aim of promoting freediving  on the continent. And also an AIDA Instructor and AIDA Judge, Level E.

photo: www.rogerhorrocks.com

Hanli has held the South African STA record and the CNF record to 30  meters (2003). Also a DNF record done at the Nordic Deep competition  in Lysekil. She was part of the South African ladies team in the  world championships 2006.

Her love for freediving lies more in the purity of the sport, than pushing the limits.

Her latest project will be to help surfers to survive by holding  their breath when sucked down by huge waves. Under bad circumstances  during they can be held under for over 30 sec.

She has done several courses in the Natal area, invovling shark diving.

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Hanli (left) training with Annelie in the Red Sea.