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- A history of successfull competing in other extremesports such as wall- and rockclimbing, adventure racing, mountainbike. And beneath her gentle ways are some skills in martial arts.
- She is an experienced Divemaster (400+ dives), with first aid knowledge.
- She is a certified personal trainer with knowledge in nutrition and in physical training, and though not proud of it, she has won a national title in fitness.
- She is a keen underwater photograher and does not eat fish. And as all people involved in the running of FSE she is very enthusiastic about yoga.
- She has reached the depths over 75 meters (NR CWT 72). These achievements were done within two years after starting freediving. So if you have questions on how to improve quickly this is the person to ask (or her coach).
- She resides in Sweden and in Dahab, Egypt - Where she has trained some 100 students to new depths and breathhold times. She is a certified Aida trainer.

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I've always loved the ocean, and growing up near the sea I'd been following my father around freediving for fun until I realised freediving is more than just "fun". It's challenge, freedom, pleasure and self-examination at the same time. I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself, my abilities and limits and freediving gives me "limitless" opportunitues. And this time the biggest challenge is not physical strength, a predefined racecourse or an opponent - it's the psyche of the human mind.
Since I have a competitive mind competing is also a great motivational factor. Not so much to make records as being able to make all the preparations right and making a perfect dive at a certain time.
I also have a great interest in marine biology and believe fish are nicer to look at in the sea than on a plate. I enjoy long fish-and-reef dives as much as I do deep dives!

My approach
I believe you can't be a good freediver until you have faced yourself, as freediving is probably 70% about mental strength and controlling both your mind and body. All your beliefs, feelings and thoughts transform into your body and into your freediving performance. Unlike all other sports I've done (except rock climbing), freediving is more intuitive and psychological and hard to measure.
So many different factors come into play and there's no way that suits everyone, why I believe you have to tailor-make every course and simply take time to explore how you and your mind functions the best. I also believe yoga as well as meditation gives you the best mental tools to cope with freediving.