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What is there to say about Saras dive – I guess she will tell us – but for the onlooker it was impressive in a new way. 180 meter under water, she was gone for 3.47, alone with one breath that seems to last longer in her than in others.

She returns to the surface so slow that one might think she is putting on a show. At ten she slows down so much the (probably out of breath) safetydivers close in ready to grab her. Johan D and Peter P took care of the deeper safetydives. At five she sort of slows down in search of new direction, lifts her hand, and we see it shake. A hand longing for the surface, but without a mask and low on oxygen the surface is hard to estimate. She is up and the habit of hanging on to the buoy saves her. I believe not many thinks she is going to pull it through. Her deepest dive ever and it is done in a regular competition. If she would black out right here she would still earn heaps of respect.

But the hand comes up, a bit unsure, looking for the way to perform an OK sign – the mist of the mind lifts and she delivers a verbal OK towards the two judges in the water. 90 meters on 3.47 by someone starting serious freedive training only some half a year ago. Sara Cambell is not only the best deepdiving woman in the world right now – she is one of the more interesting freedivers. How has she trained and what are the principles behind her training?

2007-10-20 20:33:50 | Sebastian
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