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Triple depth news
The overall winner of TP will be a truly great freediver – delivering depths three days in a row.

Since Mulins turned early (51) in an attempt for 90, we might find the winner between William and Herbert (both doing 90). Herbert swimming down to freefall instead of pulling.

Sara surprised us all with a world record in FIM (81 meters) did not look that hard - but her technique is as bad as mine (which I had the ill manners to comment on) - but it means that there is room for improvement.

Oh, mustn’t forget to tell you about the Knife incident some days back. Peter P set the line at 85 and hits a trimixdiver holding on to the rope at 60. Peters arm takes the impact, but the shock is quite big. Peter has access to a lot of anger and he is totally furious at the surface. Meanwhile a second scenario has evolved. Before Peters dive a scubadiver has ventured too close to the line. Annelie goes down and does a friendly push on a scubadivers shoulder and takes eye contact and points away from the line. This is seen by the groups divemaster Sayed from Sunsplash. Touching one of “his” divers obviously pisses him of so he returns to the line, as Peter is about to start, and the divemaster hovers there to provoke someone to come down. So I go down and without touching him points away from the line. He points at me and looks really angry, and I point again and he grabs my hand and bends my fingers.

When Peter returns to the surface (swearing) the divemaster is swimming towards our line at the surface demanding to see the freediver that pushed his scubadiver (later he claimed the scuba lost his mask, and another rumour started that the reg was lost). I try to speak to him but he is mostly shouting continuously. Peter in his “furiuated” state of mind thinks this is the trimixdiver he crashed into. Face to face like male bulls ready to go at each other a screaming contest starts. Peter says he wants to kill him, and I try to tell Peter this is the wrong guy (to kill). Soon they are pushing each other escalating from verbal to physical (Some one from shore saw Sayed push first). Soon Sayed is also ready to kill and pulls his dive knife and waves it. I find myself more or less in the middle of these two and decide it is time to pull back and try to get the attention of the sleepy tourist police.

Now that people are watching, the argue subsides. However provoked , the divemaster from Sunsplash divers was (or felt he was), a lot of us find the knife threatening just too much so we want to make a police report. But we are informed that this might involve more than a day and a 200 kilometre ride to El-tur and back. We drop the issue.

Peter - the smiling version.

2007-10-19 17:41:55 | Sebastian
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