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DNF qualification
96 athletes.
Unusuall amount of disqualifications. 25% of all dives failed, compared 15% in last indoor WC.
16 blackouts amounts to 17% of all dives ended in unconciousness which is no danger but remarkebly.

Unexpectedly we saw Alexy missing the DNF final aswell as veteran freediver Henning Larsen. Keran Hibbs (New Zealand) lost his nerves and could not repeat his amazing training results.

To reach the A finals the men needed 156 meter. Due to many failed dives swedish freedivers Anders Larsson and Jens Schou got the last two places in the final, making the final a scandinavian issue together with expected divers as Bjarte Nygard (Norway) and young Mikko Pontinen (Finland), both doing dives to 176 meters.
Martin Petrisko (Czeck), Morgan BourcHis (France), Aris Ioannidis (Greece) and William Trubridge took the other four places in the final.
For B-finals 131 meters was needed.
The women qualification heats saw favourites as Junko Kitama, Anabell Edwards and Elizabeth kristoffersen missing the A-final. Tomomi (Japan, Sofia Tapani (Sweden) and Saana Partinen from Finland unexpededly took places in the final. The other five top places where taken by the world record holder Kathryn McPhee (New Zealand), Natalja Molchanova, Johanna Nordbland (Finland), Suzy Osler (New Zealand). Promising for the final was to see Danish Maria Livbjerg doing a strong 136 meter dive. As ususall Natalja showed the strongest performance, probably aiming to reclaime her world record in the final.

112 meters was neede for women B-finals Uncountable national records.

2009-08-19 18:55:44 | Sebastian
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