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Aarhus WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP august 2009
As I will be working as an announcer during the indoor world championship I will experiencing the competition from first bench.

I will report some of my thoughts and conclusions here.

Read last indoors report here: WC Maribor

Based on some easy statistics and data, these are the predicted and potential medalists:

STA men
Guy Brew
Ulf Dextegen
Timo Kinnunen (You never know...)
Alexey Molchanov
Eric van riet paap
Ricardo da gama bahia
Robert Cetler

STA female
Natalja Molchjanova
Kathryn Mcphee
Jessica Wilson

DYN male Alexey Molchanov
Mikko pöntinen
Fredrik sessa
Martin Petrisko
Keran Hibbs

DYN female
Natalja Molchjanova
Suzy Osler
Kathryn Mcphee
Jana Strain
Maria Livbjerg

DNF men
Bjarte Nygard
Mikko Pöntinen
Keran Hibbs
Martin Petrisko

DNF female
Kathryn Mcphee
Natalja Molchanava
Maria Livbjerg
Jarmilla Slovenkikova

2009-08-16 18:10:54 | Sebastian
Hehhee... (Timo) You never know... ;)
2009-08-20 15:57:54
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