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So what happened. Off course it is interesting.
The nordic countries fighting just below the medals. Johan Dahlstrom who dive 90+ in depth knew that he "only" had to do 155 to keep the finnish behind in a worst case scenario. Calm and selfconfident he sets of. But all of a sudden he is up. 145 meters and fighting an LMC. Mask of, ok sign. Yes, yes... he might make it... but then he turns towards his safety and does a second Ok sign. was the the inwater CWT judge he was looking for?
Young Mikko (FIN) enters the pool and does one of the few sucessfull 198+ (202) meter dives. Throws down his goggles with a decisive movement. The finnish are now 4th waiting for mishaps from the top three.
One greek does a safe dive, the other enters a pool and does a safe controlled dive far away from hypoxi. BUT what happens, I can hardly believe what I see. Elbows on the line, and hands on googles, but instead of lifting the goggles he lowers the head to get the goggles on the forehead. Mouth dips. No one says anything. Red card. Not even Manolis 203 meter dive saves them.
French and Czeck come alive. Start counting.
Mean while Russian ladies does two easy 99 meter dives - enough for the gold. They are a 120 meter dive a part from the US ladies when all points are counted. The danish ladies would have been bronze medalists and best DYN country if Sanne had done her 120+ dive. Maria saves lots of points with one of the longest female dives 148 meters. Instead of Denmark Japan ladies takes bronze even though they lost one diver for a start beyond the 1.5 line.
This will be good for us all - now japan can "sell" freediving better for the possible Okinawa 2010 team WC
Danish men famous for their performances in the pool is overall winner in the pool with two 198 meter dives. Just a few meters away from the bronze and the finnish. "If I only had swam 8 meters more" danish Sofus keeps repeating in his head. While other wished they had swam a few meters less.
Ant (NZ) BO at 210, and in the opposite emotional spectrum UK dave doing 173 PB.
The stage is now set for the ultimate drama. Two divers swimming side by side for the gold. Stepanek CZ and Maldame FRA start last in the comp - onle ONE meter separates them. Maldame is faster, Stepanek can watch him from behind. But he doesnt - The czecks are happy with silver and teammates says he will risk nothing. Maldame is a known strong "dynamist". Martin once had a WR in this discipline, but that was long ago.
They surface at the same time. Maldame at 175. Strong. Stepanek is up at 155 with problem, fighting an LMC. The head nods several times. SP gets delivered in time. White card. The french are jumping in the pool. Champion de monde.
Greeks try to protest their surfacing and someone in the canadian team protests US Jessicas start. No protest goes through. No one bothers to protest Stepaneks nodding. I guess we all find them worthy silvermedalists. And as far as I know no Czeck has protested an other team and has no "enemies" out there.

So did the best teams win? I was there, I saw it happen. But I still do not know. If the definition of freediving is to "dive and come back concious" well then the best teams did not win. The greeks where the strongest (but not the smartest). And one of the Russian ladies was hardly aware of what side of the platform she surfaced on, and the SP looked thereafter. Protests and videos, thats what decided this WC

At the end of the day. BO with mouthdip is the only clear limit free of subjective judgement and red cards for details that has little to do with the "apnea performance".

Do look at Kimmos photos:

2008-09-12 15:14:36 | Sebastian
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