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Dyn day 1
The face of danish Sanne speaks for itself. Hours after her dive it is still there - the blankness - the "what happened", what should I have done different?
At 130 meter a Blackout that left the danish women with no bronze medal.
Earlier during the day Japan Female got red cards moving teams as Denmark up. The japaneese got DQ for starting a few centimeters after the 1.5 meter line. Me personally I rather have BO than be DQ by that rule. Rope at 1.5 please.
Mandy had a BO at 150 meters.
Czeck women performes steady and CZ is heading for an overall winner both men and female. Greeks have the mens gold and only themselves can lose it now.
CZ and French are fighting over the silver. Would newly frenhified Winram be needed tomorrow or is Nery, maldame and Morgan enough?
Swedes on fourth place looking over the shoulder towards finnish Mikko and Timo diving tomorrow.

Mullins started the competition in a nice way; turning, turning, turning (in the shitty, warm, uneven, shallow, mismeasured pool) - how many turns? He comes up at what would have been 250 in a normal pool (this one about 247), stands up slowly testing his balance, exploring his consiousness for a second. Goes for his noseclip and we hear three New Zealanders screaming BREATH. He hesitates with the noseclip, turns slighty his head towards the teammates, lets of a small forgiving smile that said: "calm down, Why would I have to breath, I am not even exhausted". Continues with the noseclip, does a small discret Ok sign and says gently "the words". Judges looking carefully, scrutinizing his every move, the audience is dead silence, waiting for the card. 30 seconds - no card, he just stands there, awkvardly waiting. No one is saying anything. 40 seconds. The judges are set on watching him the full minute. I cant help but to break the silence and say: "just watch him, he is going to fall over any second".
But Mullins is the steadiest freediver ever to come out of the southern hemisphere (not counting Carlos :-)

It is more that clear that CWT is only a cautious prelude to when the real competition starts: in the pool.
Here is where the points are: dyn and sta still on general gives more points than cwt. We keep hearing: Time, length and distance - the essence of freediving. But wouldnt a competition with the disciplines: FIM, CNF, CWT feel like a real FREEDIVING CHAMPIONSHIP. There is time and lenght in the depth aswell. The winner of triple depth dahab is a truly good freediver, although you dont get the points you deserve for CNF there.

The executive man of AA red sea: Marco pointed out that I wrote something wrong yesterday. AA offered to organize WC depth for three consecutive years (in order to finance some investmenst improving the diving facilities), but after no coherent answer whatsoever from Aida (Bill) for 6 months they withdrew the offer BEFORE Aida responded.
I guess they where pissed of. But Bill says his hands are tied by the statutes - the location of coming WC´s is an assembly decision.

Now it seems WCteam might move to Okinawa Japan in early July 2010.
WC indoor 2009 is more or less decided to go to a small town in Denmark.

Do read Lindas BLOGG:

2008-09-10 16:27:07 | Sebastian
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