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It is getting serious. Did you know that countries are actually protesting each others performances. I know it happened in 2006 team on an ocassion, and we have the protested Stig performance in Maribor, but it looks like this will be part of future freediving on top level. So when private videofootage is allowed in the protestroom who dares not to film every performance of the team, even if we have to pay for acess.

Japaneese and Russians have a historic tendency to come "en force" with big groups. As is the french and the brittish (the later usually confusing quantity with quality ;-). NZ went for quality and sent one coach and three megastars, but it didnt pay of. In WC team the coolest most strategic teams seems to be the french and the danish. Sweden has just broken a glorious record of all white cards since the beginning of team WC.

Many more countries has discovered the trick of "underperforming" and waiting for the greedy to stagger. Seems to be a lot less DQ even though a harsh climat should have suprised many athletes, making them overating their training performances.

It is obvious that the japaneese ladies been preparing had for this, as has the whole Czecks team, and of course the Greeks, no one warned us of them.
But freediving Competition is so much more than coming fit and push against the contractions and take care of that mouthfill. If you can not handle those finer details of the rules, you will start loosing points or even white cards.
What is a toptrained body worth if you can not stay healthy - if eating, sleeping and acklimatization does not work. A hookbreath "programmed" into the deeper part of the brainfunction could be the different between medal or not.

It was only 7 years ago Herbert surfaced in Ibiza doing those strange gulping movements. And back then we lifted our eyebrows to monofins and those incredibly fast dives. No one ever heard about no warm up techniques or that temperature had something to do with the finer details of performance (why on earth did Stepanek take of his suit in that Ibiza pool back in 2001, wasnt it cold?)

"So when are the swedish going to stop overventilating" finnish Timo asks me (The finnish men won the overall static). Annelie is purging away in lane D, and we can still here the echo of Lottas breathing, soon to follow by Weines wirlwind breathing. If trying to discuss it with him he quotes Herbert: "Iknow - but it works". And sure it did - Weine best breathholder on the last day, but the Fins and the danes has caught up and are going to give us a fight for it, the danes with proven DYN ability. Can we count on Weine again - he will need more help from his mates. Johan "a man of depth" has already given us points enough in CWT to make up for a shorter DYN. Young Tobias can not risk anything in his first WC-team.

DYN is where the competition starts, where teams actually can watch each other and act accordingly to others perfomances.

Are we content with that or are there any creative ideas on how to make freediving into a competition that unfolds in front of our eyes from start to finnish, instead of on lists hours afterwards.

2008-09-09 16:18:50 | Sebastian
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