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Of course it´s a form of vanity. The urge to beat others. To compare and come out looking good. I ask the scientist what breath hold times the other "subjects"has been able to perform. Why would I like to know? Because it would give me some satisfaction doing something special, above the rest. Part of me wish I wouldn´t care, but fact is, I apparantly do.
Erika Shagatay in charge of the spleen, glucose, HB tests declines to answer, she can not say any thing about the others "subjects".

I am lying on a table and they measure my spleen with ultrasound. We already know it contains red blood cells that will be released during breath hold and help me carry more oxygen in the blood. I rest for 10 minutes and then I am asked to start a max breath hold without breathing up or packing. Erika wants to, among other things, know how our ability to hold our breath varies when we have time to prepare, with a more emergency kind of breath hold that surprises us. Like being trapped in a car that has fallen into the sea. A similar question we competetive freedivers has been concerned with the last 4-5 years. Warm-up or no warm up? I do 5.20 on the first breath hold, which makes the scientist crew of four a bit happy since it is the longest so far. Vanity fed. Contractions and 2.15, surprisingly late considering I had eaten 70 minutes before.
I would argue that no warm up, would not necessarily mean no increased ventilation. I would have prefered to take some 6-8 deep breaths before. After a rest of 10 minutes I am allowed to prepare myself in what ever way I chose for a second max static, but only during 10 minutes. Long enough. I do an exhale static for 1.45, rest for 3 minutes and then start some deep slow breathing for 5 minutes, blocking the exhale slightly to retain lung pressure and hopefully push some O2 atoms into the blood. No packing (some of the first subjects did that and several blacked out). Packing is trickier on land, specially in Sharm with outside temperatures above 40 degrees celcius, threatening heat strokes and falling bloodpressures. Contraction at 3.45 and I stop at 6.20. I feel an LMC in my arm, O2 saturation down to 53 at its lowest. That was a max alright. On both breatholds I had saturation O2 70 at 5.30. Most likely I could have gone beyond 6.20 in the first breath hold, but 3 min contractions was well enough.

Erika is also going to correlate glucose levels, and HB levels and other stuff to the athletes performances. Glucose levels will show who is fasting and who is not.

I and Johan Dahlstrom (doctor, aswell as our at the time strongest athlete) has convinced our two other male athletes (both body builders) to cut down on meat before the upcoming static. Very reluctantly they have done so. Asking Weine to stop with coffee and sugar seems to be asking too much. He looks a bit agressive when we start talking about these things. I have been clearly told that he needs not analyzing or strategy thinking from me as teamcaptain. He decides weeks before the WC what he will deliver in points and then he just comes here and does it. Hyperventilate and go. He seldom fails. He´s more like a natures force. Just go with it.

2008-09-06 21:25:49 | Sebastian
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