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Team Static Relay
I can happily announce that the Czeck male and female team in Team relay static LOST. The worlds at the moment deepest divers did not have much to offer.
Good, that makes it more fun for the rest of us in the upcoming static discipline :-). Swiss team with current Static world champion Nicolas joined in (although reluctant at first). Germans gave a good show, although disturbed by the Czeck ladies trying to blow bubble rings in Richard Wonkas face. Team relay static accepts these kind of strategies.
Swiss finished third. Slovakia second (with Juraj doing a good long static) even though the Czeck ladies again gave their "lost half" nation a tough time.
Since verbal abuse is allowed, even from the judges, I reminded Juraj loudly during his static about his failed 100 meter dive. Most jokes from the competitors eventually turned into something of sexual nature.
And winner team Finland finishing with world class breathholder Timo had to take a lot of heat. In the end around 15 minutes total Sta time the "no touch" rule was suspended and Timo had to hold his breath with people sitting on him. Well actually riding him :-) Static pool 35 degrees during day time. Lower during night. Static starts 6 pm.

2008-09-06 21:24:21 | Sebastian
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