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Yesterday I joined the miserable crowd of protesters. Tears and despair (yes actually both).
A russian, a french, a New Zealander, A brittish and a swede (that I was teamcaptaining) - all feeling that we had been misjudged. In my case, me personaly I did not know what happened down there in the depth - I never trust any freediver when they speak about what happened or did not happen during a dive.
A good dive always involves a certain detachment. But I was there helping my athlete to protest a grab. And was prepared to give her the best defence possible.
I call the protest crowd miserable since obviously they have not done their dives clear enough for the judges to judge.
Two hours we wait: a crying russian comes out smiling, a surface grabbing brit a bit sadfaced, a kiwi guy who just paid to see the bottom camera and is still not sure there was a grab at the bottom.
The french athlete makes the movement of a firing gun in the back of her coach, which I guess means the protest did not go through.

My athelete is charged with grabbing. There is no official video of the happening. But the judge who in this case chose to swim down after her down claims to have seen a grab, and rumour has it when he makes a claim he is sure.

We are informed that we are allowed to show private videos that can support our claim. I repeat: ONE CAN SHOW ONES OWN VIDEO TO THE PROTESTJURY!
This was a no-no in Maribor about this, but now it is allowed,and I hope you realize the consequences of this.

Stig Severinsen, danish coach filming all dives by the line, offered to give us the tape of what he filmed so we are comfortably seated with the judges and start watching a video none of us has seen.
And oops there is an arm movement just a long the line, one arm goes up to the nose. Was it a grab - I look at my athlete in a "did you see that" way.
And just when she covers the line with her body there is a jolt with the elbow as if there is a grab somewhere there and the arm is pushed up.
I start saying in swedish to her: if you cant explain in a very good way what that arm is doing, we loose 50 euro.
With a lot of words she gives an explaination which I translate and narrow down to what I feel are the essentials.

Her gliding hand catches up with the carabiner and the lanyard line and with swift movement she tries to entangle hers self and have the hand gliding free on the line again.

We are shown out while the judges talk. I feel that the only way this explanation will fly is if the diving judge actually remembers the dive and the movement and realizes that he saw wrong.

Protest went through. Swedish ladies are side by side with the canadians

2008-09-05 13:00:22 | Sebastian
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