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... Bizzy Blue Hole 2009
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Deepest divers
The Czeck are the worlds deepest nation. Put female and male points together and they are the best.
Followed by Sweden and Russia.

Violant waves rooking the plattforms, tossing the freedivers (and the crew) back and forth. Minutes after the last diver the doctor/crew boat lost anchorgrip and ripped the plattforms along. Hot hot hot but the wind kept us somewhat cool. Many freedivers dove without suits and in "swimsuits".

17 male teams
10 female teams
Total 27 teams, some 80 athletes, nearly 240 performances (as many as Nordic Deep ;-)

A small WC.

Still the record from Ibiza has not been broken, probably because there was no fee on that WC.

Frederico (ITA) added 1 metre to the national record and did a clean 90 dive. Johan D (swe) put one meter onto his own NR 84.

Juraj looked strong until five meters from the surface when he tilted his head and looked longingly towards the light. Missed to grab the line and fell back with a BO. Slovakia is out of the top five.

Mullins turned, as did Ryozo. Ant grabbed, as did Alexey.

Notorius safetydivers had to nag at the audience to get back.

The "only-one"/ AA team are getting good at this. Freediving is evolving. Judges in sportive yellow rashguards. All safetydivers marked in rashguards guarding each warmup line.

The organization has proposed to do more WC´s but RUMOR has it that Japan might be next (2010).
If that is not well sponsored it might be as in Canada 2003 where very few teams showed up. Japan is a long way away for most of us.

RESULTS so far (next comp in three days).
1. Fra 260
2. Greece 257
3. CZ 247
4. Swe 226
5. NZ 206 (Trubridge lost some 30 pts).
6. Fin 193
Jessica Wilson (US) turned two meters from the plate at 60 and saved her ears, Swedish Weine got broken eardrum at 40, but got the tag from 72 anyhow.
Nathalie A (Rus) came up disoriented with LMC and failed proper SP got red card. Protested and later somewhere on a video some kind of OK sign was seen = white card.

1. Russia 205
2. Japan 183
3. Usa 171
4. Can 163
5. Swe 160.

Last years silvermedalist Sweden has had some problem. Lotta allergic to deep diving. Annelie nearly breaking her foot a week before and Isabelle not having trained any freediving for two years.

Next a story about protesting

2008-09-04 20:22:49 | Sebastian
Juraj is not from SLovenia! He is a Slovak (from Slovakia). Those nations are pretty sensitive about mixing them up :)
2008-09-05 11:35:59
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