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First deepdiving day
Flags hanging from the balconies, many old faces. Faces that has been around for some seven years now (since the first Ibiza 2001 WC).

One of them D. Carrera (ITA) got DQ BO on a 90 meter dive.

The expected goldwinners from NZ has met some problem. Trubridge used a lot of grabs while down at 90 meters and got penalties, lots. Mullins is not fond of Static and Trubridge is not known for ecelling in the dynamic.

Greece has emerged as a topcandidate with 90,90,100 dives. Manolis is back after som years in the army.

Six guys over 100 meters tomorrow Juraj,

Bogdan here with his fins, discussing stiffness with the greek who seem to go for soft. Stepanek is trying out the glidefin.

If everyone does their dives tomorrow the mens results will look like this:
1. Fra 260
2. Greece 257
3. CZ 247
4. Slo 244
5. NZ 241 (Trubridge lost some 30 pts).

Five protests, one went through: an LMC mouthdip that got benefit of doubt since the athlete was turned away from the camera. Stig S (den) did not fail to mention this at captains meeting. Advice: turn away and get benefit of doubt.

2008-09-03 21:30:09 | Sebastian
And what about the girls?
2008-09-04 15:55:13
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