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Coming Team World Championships 2008
1-12 september in Sharm el Sheik Egypt. Teams of three from each nation compeeting in three disciplines: deep dives with fins, as far as possible in pool, as long time as you can without moving.

F.BIZ will be reporting daily.

last WC team:
the whole story... more or less

Bill Strömberg, Sweden, 30 votes (Judge President)
Grant W. Graves, USA, 24 votes (Judge Vice President)
Kimmo Lahtinen, Finland, 23 votes
Marcello de Matteis, Italy, 23 votes
Ute Geßmann, Germany, 16 votes
Susan Kluytmans, Netherlands, 15 votes

2008-07-07 23:34:13 | Sebastian et co
Wooho! longing for this one! Sweden for gold. :)
2008-07-23 20:03:13
* * * * * * * *

Sweden has silver suits this year so SILVER would be just fine:-) But on this newspage I will avoid being biased nationalistic. I wish everyone good dives.
2008-08-13 22:37:12
* * * * * * * *

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