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I wake up and spend two hours trying to fall asleep. Might have gone into dreams twice... dont know. Does not matter... 8 hours is enough.
I do my morning ritual...check temperature...not good...37.2... thats 0.8 fever. I go on checking my pulse... 63... way above normal resting pulse of 54. Finaly I do the contraction test... no ventilation... just abig breath and check the time to the first significant contraction... 2.14... thats very good... strange.
I take my towel and D3 and walk down to the grass as I do every morning here... 45 minutes of light yoga... waking myself up... waking muscles... energies... telling the body that there is work to be done in a few hours. I focus on not overdoing it.
It is 9 o clock now. I am diving at 13.40. I eat half a powerbar. Some vitamins, some aloe vera that seems to gone bad .. dont realy know how it is supposed to taste. Take a C vitamin extra. There is something going on in the body... but it might be to late to set it right... I just have to dive with it.
I walk to the restaurant, avoid looking at the starting list. I have some fruitsallad with honey in. Trying to chew thoroughly without stress... does not realy work. Chose a table by myself ... talking takes so much energy ... mental energy. I dont want to talk about announcement, I know nothing about other peoples announcements. I thought my 56 meter CNF would put me at around 15th, I might be wrong, my TOP seems a bit late. I was down to 55 three days ago, quite easily, 56 shouldnt be a problem... but what about the fever?

So this is the reason for me not speculating about other peoples performances today. I am compeeting myself and I dont want to set myself into a context... it is me and my 56 meters.
Now I am of for a 40 minute session with the medical scientists... good that will take my mind of things...I avoid people as much as possible. Spending my time watching the film Fifth element. 2 hours before I do a visualaztion while holding my breath. Let go of the rope, 7 strokes, fall, relax, fill mask, take mouthfill, cheek against chest, grab, take tag, remember not stress, pull, long strokes, forget about the contractions, no stress, grab pull glide, first safety, second safety, remove hood, open eyes focus, Look for the bouy, surface inhale fall on bouy, hook, hook, remove mask, look for yellow t-shirt, OK sign , I am OK.

2007-11-03 08:43:42 | Sebastian@
Will T
Yes, you looked quite pensive this morning, especially as I watched you writing this post on the computer next to me... We can sometimes take a cruel reassurance in seeing that there is someone more nervous than ourselves, and I am sure this applies to you as well: some of the girls are so nervous that their teeth chatter! Good luck for your breatheup! Will.
2007-11-03 09:03:45
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Peter Erik Mårten Boivie
Jag läser var enda stavelse du skriver.
2007-11-03 10:43:45
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Erlend Breidal
Veldig interessant og bra det du skriver. Jeg leser alt jeg også. Du burde kanskje gjøre noe ut av dette skrivetalentet ditt, men det gjør du kanskje allerede for alt jeg vet. Krysser fingra for deg 13.40.
2007-11-03 10:52:31
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Kort sagt, lycka till Sebbe!
2007-11-03 11:47:34
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Good luck Sebastian!
2007-11-03 12:52:11
* * * * * * * *

Lars Nordgren
Lycka till idag, Sebastian. Du är en riktig inspirationskälla.
2007-11-03 12:53:42
* * * * * * * *

NERVOUS? Oh no Will I was just focused. One problem at competitions is what to do with all those hours. No eating allowed, I did not want to read the other announcements, I cant do yoga too much, too lazy for meditation. I ended up watching a movie and writing on this newssite. Its all about controling the mind focusing on one thing at the time. I avoided visualizing the dive more than once.
2007-11-03 16:40:55
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