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First results of CWT day

Carlos did his 103 meter dive and is back in the world top again. This dive gave him a bronze medal.

Weine Sweden suffered one of the blackouts this day, this one was quite severe and he had a squeeze that impaired his breathing for a long time.

Top ladies:
GOLD Sara 88 meter clean
SILVER Annelie 77 meter
BRONZE Maria Denmark 63 meters
Natalja BO at 10
Linda turn around 60

Top men:
GOLD Herbert 112
SILVER Mullins 110 (105 points)
BRONZE Carlos 103
Guillaume 99
Juraj 98 (94 points)
Ryuzo turn early.

More photos and stories in a while.

2007-11-01 15:54:44 | Sebastian@
Oh congratulations to Herbert and Sara!
2007-11-01 17:47:41
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