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Deep guys
Mullins 114
Herbert 112
Carlos 103
Juraj 101
Guillaume 99
Ruyozo 96

So, I was wrong about Guillaume, he was not ready for an attempt (he had it 2006 at 109, been doing 105 (?) in training here). I do like his choice of numbers, the nines are usually not popular numbers (only one nine this year) ... there is something modest about 99 ... respect.

I think we officially can conclude that Carlos is back in business... after one full year of fighting with post DCS symptoms.

And Juraj has moved up and is one of the big guys. In Nordic Deep 2005 he did 72 and was the only diver that showed no squeeze symptoms in the tests that scientists were doing there.

Tody the organization has replaced one (two?) ropes that chafed and nearly broke. The bottomplates have had the edges softened. All CWT dives tomorrow... the a rest day... and all CNF dives on saturday

And Sara has alerady made the calculation... turning at 84 will still give her silver.

2007-10-31 17:52:43 | Sebastian
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