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The philosophy of announcing
1. How would you like to feel when countdown starts. Relaxed? Well then do not speculate about what others are announcing and just deduct some 10% from your fresh PB.

2. If you are very experienced you might be able to do some relaxed training dives of about 85% of your PB and then announce 100%.

3. The gambler. You want high ranking, you want to beat a certain other athlete, you want to stretch for a NR. You might have a good day – question is how much do you want to play with probability. Is it OK to accept a 30% failure chance?

Is Natalja happy about 95? Did she think Annelie or Sara was going for 92-93? I do not think she cares – she just want a dramatic figure that knocks all out.

Sara probably counted on Annelie going for the WR, so why did she announce 88 then, when she knows Linda can not pass 80? Or did she think Annelie was going to operate in her PB area (86).

Of the top 5 women Sara and Natalja are playing with probability. Maria from Denmark have most to win : an advancement into the top 5.
Linda (never thinking she could medle with the top three) can relax and dive and maybe wait for a bronzemedal.
As can Annelie having taken of some 15% from her PB, if she makes her 77 her bronzemedal might turn into more precious metal. In a few hours we know.

SOME SPECULATION about the mens CWT. If you can not afford a record attempt : well this is your chance. I think the top three will go for the record (out of different reasons).

My guesses:

Guillaume is already working on the pressphotos – he will announce 112. Training has been going well since he arrived. But it will be a close call.

Mullins does not care for medal, he is in a way a rookie and wants to se what he is made of - he will stretch for the WR, announce 112 or 113.

Herbert will, if he feels well, defend his record and announce something crazy like 115, he has so much depth in his body – after 214 he probably lost all respect for depth. And by now he is so relaxed about these things – there will be lots of chances in the future, he´s in - for life- in this sport I guess.

One of them will probably fail and this makes the bronze medal a very interesting fight.
Lots of divers touching 90 (Juraj, Timo, Carlos, Ryouzo, Maldame´??, Alexey, Pedersen, Trubridge...). My money is on Juraj.

Check Simos page for results and lists:

Stig and others spotted an oceanic white tip by the divelines yesterday.
stigs homepage
Stig will soon show more of the shark on his homepage.

2007-10-31 10:40:41 | Sebastian
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