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... Bizzy Blue Hole 2009
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It has started
Natalja 95 Sara 88 Annelie 77 Linda 72 Maria (den) 63

As you see some athletes might feel they announced too much, or too little.
Diving starts 9.00 wednesday

TEAM RELAY STATIC Five teams started their breathhold at noon in the WC pool. Three man teams. In the beginning it looked like Trubridge-Vaerbeck-Winram was going to give Molchanov-Kurra-Severinsen a fight, but finnishing man Stig did an easy 6 and took his team to a gold medal (17.45 total time). Second place a danish team with Sanne-Jesper-Henning.
Next edition of the team relay will not allow sexual harrasment.

Winners interviewed

team static

MISHAP AT TRAINING - Pat Schnorf asked for 71 meters - the line was placed on 81 - he did the dive and came up with a bad squeeze.

2007-10-30 20:05:43 | Sebastian
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