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Advice needed
Let us say you arrive to Sharm WC with a PB of 57 cwt. In just a week or to you manage to do 85 meters. The national record of your country is 86 meters. You feel strong and healthy - should you go for it?

The sweet problem is that of finnish Simo Kurra. And no he is not as fat as he looks on his deeperblue avatar - the guy did two marathons this summer. So what would you go for - a safe white card at 81-82 and maybe if you are lucky a place among the ten best - OR - when you have the flow go for the record (Timos record - they share the same room here).

For Simo this is a question of having your mind catch up with what your body has been able to do. Almost 30 meter increase in PB i short time is hard to handle mentaly. Narcosis is a new feeling for him and there are doubts in his mind during ascent when the lactic acid sets in... WHERE ARE THOSE SAFETYDIVERS?
But Simo confesses not remembering much of his safety protocol after the 85 meters.

2007-10-30 10:09:05 | Sebastian
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