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Is it a secret?
Your depth?
What depth? You do not know what depth I have been down to?

Well that is true, but I know at what depth the plate was when Dave Mullins did his training dive today. Its hard to keep anything secret with so many people around the lines all the time. So is the silent NEW ZEALANDER so cunning that he might put the line deeper than he is aiming for? And if he has been down to 115 meters on one (14 litre?) breath, what signals will that send to Herbert?
I am going for your record - or - I want you to believe that I am going for your record so you better anounce 114 if you want to keep it. But he might only be here for the goldmedal and would be happy if Herbert goes over the top with his announcements.

At the end of the day - freediving is much more relaxing if you push yourself in training and the announce something you are totally relaxed with - and without glancing at your competitors.

There is anyhow a hunt for infomation going on. As Mullins was surfacing Guillaume was closing in trying to read the depth gauges - while Mullins was shaking of the confusions of narcosis and breathing hard - But countryman Trubridge put his hand over the gauges.

Trubridge and Peter P certainly have to deduct a few meters from todays training dives if they want to be relaxed on comp day - or at least find out why it did not work. Since this was official training days, Peters BO might make the judges stop him from dives they think is too deep for him.

2007-10-29 18:01:46 | Sebastian
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