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Its all speculation
Today the wind is ripping the waves and the club sharm flags. The sea feels hostile, one athlete says. The platforms are bouncing in the sea. Lotta E got attacked by the bottom plate when she was down there. The rope can lift 1 even 2 meters and move the bottomplate. If you are the type of diver that feels the line with one hand - well then you are in trouble - it is very distracting feeling the line go the other way.

People are beginning to talk about announcements. The organization first wanted announcements two days in advance but that is going to change to the night before (as customary). I was all wrong yesterday, maybe no one is going to either go for ot try to protect a WR. As Trubridge told me: a world record might last a couple of weeks, but getting a gold medal here will stay with you for two years.

So it is all about how much gambler you are. On the lower levels of the comp it is about how close to a red card you want to swim - if you fail here you can get onto the ranking list in the next comp. But at the top five - it is more of being a poker player and having information about your competitors training.

If we take a look at the women. Natalja has set world records with big margins nearly every time she turns up at a comp. But she has proven to be "human" aswell, in a Triple depth she had BO at WR CNF attempt. She most likely will try to break Saras 90. Sara on the other hand is more likely to look behind her: how much can Annelie do? She has done 86, but has she improved since then, how is training going? And Annelie is thinking about how Sara is thinking: will Sara think 86 is enough for a silver medal?


And does Annelie have to be worried about the ones behind her? Where Annelie failed in Triple depth Linda Pagianelli delivered a strong 75, can she improve that. And is it true that Linda has earinfection - if so and if she gets in to the water after many days on land she will most likely be very conservative and wait for a "free" bronze medal if the ones above stress each other to high numbers.
And what about the weather, will it calm as promised until the ladies CWT, and at what time will I dive, will there be a current?
As we close in - there will be more thinking and less diving.

Will we see this again?

2007-10-29 09:57:50 | Sebastian
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