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A rising moon
Will Trubridge is doing serious and modified Yoga pranayama in the dark towards the rising full moon. It took him two years of these kind of things to reach the level he is at.
Now he has a world record to take back and since he has failed during some training dives he will have to focus and leave nothing to fate.
Question is which of his two records will Herbert focus on keeping, probably the CWT. Herbert was last athlete on the training lines this evening - darkness was all around, sun long gone and visibility down to 10-15 meters. This is when he choses to set the line to 100 and do his dive. It is him and six safetydivers in ring around him. Faces can not be detected any more. Training is not allowed in the dark - but hey - who would refuse Herbert.

So who could take Herberts 111 meter WR from Hurgahada a year ago?
Carlos is not ready, Ryozo maybe, Guillaume more likely, and what about Mullins? Mullins have a few failed dives and would not be a safe bet.
staying healthy is crucial at this point.

Will on his morning yoga 2005 Sardinia.

2007-10-28 17:58:29 | Sebastian
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