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Aida meeting
Lots of heated discussions at the aida meeting in Sharm.

- Who wants tags? Can we trust the modern depth gauges? Get rid of the grab the edge rule? Why do we have separate WR attempts? Why not only competitions? Why is there no media here? Why dont we use survival rules? Why can a World record be invalid due to a tiny detail that does not realy have en impact on the performance? And what about the scereaming coaches? Is it not suppose to be a one-man sport? But can one enforce silent coaching? Wha if the audience is kept outside a 5 meter competition zone, where they can yell all they want, but keep the coach by the athletes ear silent.

A freedive comp is half poker, half freediving. Half of the drama and job is done when you announce. Why not skip the early turns penalty and get som drama back into the sport.

From the board only Bill spoke, and mostly 5-6 people in the audience. TC is not fully operational, many sleepers there.

We can expect some kind of vote in december regarding rules.

Unknown diver popping pills before his dive:-)

2007-10-27 15:26:00 | Sebastian
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