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Competition organized by:
Apnea Academy - Red sea and the team Only One.

Aida individual World Championship 2007 - Sharm el Sheik
With and without fins

Did I chose the right lining?

We will be working in five shifts.

Ok I will smile - but then I have to focus.

Wish I had that coke bottle with me.

What if one of them BO.s? What position will I get then?

101-98=3+1penalty  for tag?

One hour shifts doing nothing. Trimix on standby.

Yes, 25 meter CNF

Winram patiently staying out of water waiting for his ear to heal.

Bugger, if I had not turn I would have got another medal.

Both announced 48 in CNF.

Was it right to announce 75?

Free 02 after deeep dives.

Does my hair look OK?

He did 102 in training, but also two Bo.s. Now hes off  for 103.

A champ planing his return.

Possible result when announcing depths you have never been to.

The better half of Ricky solving another problem.
I would say fold.

After his second Gold


Her ears will fail her. But she does not know it yet.

First athletes walks the pontoon.

They should have bigger judge cards.

Dont talk to me.

Ok, I should have announced less.

I was at 115. It is true.

Was that 111, or maybe 109.

Quite an easy dive - 75 no fins (on cwt day). Can your repeat it?

Peter giving Marco a hard time.

Quite confusing logo - but a good crew.


Perfect ending for the documentary, a fat BO -  she is human after all.