Report from the freediving worldcup
Hawaii 28 october - 4 november 2002
text: Sebastian Naslund (swedish journalist)

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 Best men breathholders after static:

1) Martin (Czeck) 68 points
2) Deron (USA) 68 points
3) Bill (Sweden) 66 points
4) Oscar (Sweden) 65,5 points

Best women breatholds
1) Mandy (Canada) 61 points
2) Lotta (Sweden) 55.5 points
3) Anabell (USA) 53.5 points
4) Sacha (Australia) 53 points

This means Venezuela won the ovearall competition and Sweden
came second. The USA women team won.


Mandy (CANADA) performed not only the deepest female competition
dive ever but also the longest static (6.06). Very convincingly both and I
am sure we will see world records from her the coming year.

VENZUELANS held long breathholds over 6 minutes and were never
threatened by the SWEDES.  The Swedish team had to push it to their
limits to ward off USA. When the final diver, Scott (USA), started, he
knew that 7.12 would give his team a silver medal.  He had held over
7.30 in training.  Scott pushed on to one or two seconds over 7 and
stood up hastily and started swaying, going into a heavy samba.

Also DQ was Massimo from SUISSE and one CZECH competitor, thus
losing a chance for medal to the CZECH Republic.

FRENCH woman, Banegas, was DQ due to beeing touched to early.
May have been protested - dont know.

All this means that this competition might be one of the "cleanest" ever
held but somewhat shallow and short compaired to international
standards.  FYI, this year's longest breathold so far is done by Timo K
(FINLAND) 7.09 and the deepest dive so far belongs to Herbert N
(AUSTRIA) 75 meters.

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